Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (called AMI) is an integrated system of equipment, communications, and information management systems for utilities to remotely collect customer water usage data in real time. AMI provides improved system reliability and future operational efficiencies.

AMI uses radio-based technology to read water meters, which eliminates the need for manual meter reads.

The data gathered through the meters can also be relayed to customers in order to give them more insight into their water usage. This can be a powerful tool for finding leaks in real time (before they run up a high water bill), as well as help to inform customers about what they can do to conserve water in their homes.

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How will AMI benefit me?

PWSB customers will have access to the Neptune My360 customer portal that allows easy access to information about your water consumption, compare current usage to previous periods, and set email and text alerts to achieve conservation goals. It will also allow for more immediate detection of system issues or residential leaks.

Are there health concerns with radio signals?

The power and duration of the radio signal is too low to pose a health risk. The products that make up the AMI system are stringently evaluated for safety and meet all standards established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and Institute of Electrical (IEEE) and Electronics Engineers. See the RF Safety Specification Sheet (PDF) for more information.

Will the radio transmitter interfere with my television, computer, cordless phone, garage door, pacemaker or other electronic devices?

The technology operates as a very low‐powered signal that is regulated by the (FCC) against interference. It is unlikely that it will interfere with the operation of other electronic devices. See the RF Safety Specification Sheet (PDF) for more information.

Will my water bill go up?

AMI technology ensures that customers pay only for the water they use. Older meters may not have recorded all water used, so some customers may see an increase in their water bill. This is because the new meter is measuring water usage accurately. The Neptune My360 customer portal interface will allow residents to monitor daily water usage. If you are concerned about a leak or a faulty meter, please contact us at 401-729-9050.

Will there be any difference in the delivery or quality of water after my meter upgrade?


You will continue to enjoy the same high‐quality water you have come to expect from the Pawtucket Water Supply Board.