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The inputs of the individuals in the crowd trigger the crowdfunding process and influence the ultimate value of the offerings or outcomes of the process. Each individual acts as an agent of the offering, selecting and promoting the projects in which they believe, and social identification.

  • Equity
  • Reward-based
  • Litigation
  • Debt-based
  • Charity
  • Equity
  • Reward-based
  • Litigation
  • Debt-based
  • Charity
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Support Energy Freedom!

Dear Congressmen,

Senator Joe Doe and Rep. Jogn Smith are standing up for everyday Americans and our nation’s future. They introduced S. 2170 and H.R. 4286 respectively, the American Energy Renaissance Act. Please support this important legislation.

For too long, bureaucrats and politicians have treated our energy security and our prosperity as bargaining chips for political gain. That’s wrong, and un-American.

The American Energy Renaissance Act frees America from ridiculous and harmful regulations and frees our markets.

This legislation will make energy affordable for American families struggling in the economy, help pay down our debt, and move us away from foreign oil.

I urge you to support this common sense legislation. Please co-sponsor it and advocate for its passage.


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    Clerks Office (800) 456-7890
    Treasures Office (800) 456-7891
    Managers Office (800) 456-7892

    Water Department (800) 456-7893
    Permitting Office (800) 456-7894
    Engineering Office (800) 456-7895
    Planning (800) 456-7896
    FireDepartment (800) 456-7897
    Police Department (800) 456-7898
    Rescue (800) 456-7899


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